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R-G Federal Credit Union is committed in giving back to the communities we serve.

RSVP for Upcoming Annual Meeting!


Come out to our Annual Meeting on Thursday, March 21 at 6:00pm at Sneads BBQ. You'll enjoy a BBQ dinner and fun prizes as we celebrate another great year and elect your volunteer Board of Directors. RSVP to 866.852.6478 by March 15th. Sneads is located at 1001 E. 171st Street (corner of MO 58 Hwy. & Holmes Rd.) All members are welcome but seating is limited. We look forward to seeing everyone who can attend!


RGFCU Mobile App is Here!

The RGFCU Mobile App is here! To download the app, log in to home banking from our website and click on the Self Service tab. From there, you'll see a link for Mobiliti under the Additional Services Section. You can also search for "RGFCU" in the Google Play store from Android devices or the Apple App Store from your iPhone.

The first time you log in from the mobile app it will ask for your username and password. Your login information is the same as home banking, but if you use a 5 digit account number as your username in home banking you will need to add a leading zero to make your username 6 digits. For example, if you log in to home banking using 12345 you will log in to the mobile app using 012345. The app will only ask you to do this one time. It will also ask you the same security challenge questions you set up in home banking. If you don't recognize the questions it's asking you it's likely because you forgot to add the 0 to make your username 6 digits. If you use something other than a number for your login, this won't be an issue, and you can always change your login when logged in to home banking from a computer by hovering over the lock icon and choose the change Logon ID option. If you're having problems logging in, give us a call at 866.852.6478.

New How-To Videos Available for Popular RG Products

New how-to videos are now available for several of our most popular products/services. You can access them by clicking here.

Important Info - Equifax Security Breach

By now, you have probably heard that on September 7th, 2017, Equifax announced a cybersecurity incident involving consumer information. As an organization that works closely with Equifax, we quickly reached out to understand the situation and gather information that we are now sharing with you. We want to ensure you have the information you need regarding this incident.

What happened?

On July 29, 2017, Equifax identified a cybersecurity incident potentially impacting approximately 143 million U.S. consumers. Criminals exploited a U.S. website application vulnerability to gain access to certain files. Equifax discovered the unauthorized access and acted immediately to stop the intrusion. They promptly engaged a leading, independent cybersecurity firm that has been conducting a comprehensive forensic review to determine the scope of the intrusion, including the specific data impacted. They also reported the criminal access to law enforcement and continue to work with authorities.

What information may be impacted?

The information accessed primarily includes names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some instances, driver’s license numbers. Criminals also accessed credit card numbers for approximately 209,000 U.S. consumers, and certain dispute documents with personal identifying information for approximately 182,000 U.S. consumers.

Additional Information:

They have found no evidence of unauthorized activity on Equifax’s core consumer or commercial credit reporting databases.  In addition, they have found no evidence that this cybersecurity incident impacted Equifax’s core consumer or commercial credit reporting databases, including, ACRO, Workforce Solutions, including The Work Number payroll data, NCTUE, IXI and CFN.

Where can I learn more?

Please visit the dedicated website Equifax Breach Info:

  • To see if you are potentially impacted, you can click on the Potential Impact Tab
  • To enroll in complimentary identity theft protection and credit file monitoring services and how to find out if your personal information may have been impacted, you can click on the Enroll Tab.
  • To learn more about the complimentary offering, you can click on TrustedID Premier Tab. TrustedID Premier provides you with copies of your Equifax credit report; the ability to lock your Equifax credit report; 3-Bureau credit monitoring of your Equifax, Experian and TransUnion credit reports; Internet scanning for your Social Security number; and identity theft insurance.

To speak to someone directly, Equifax has also established a call center at 866-447-7559, available every day (including weekends) from 7 a.m. – 1 a.m. EST, for individuals to ask questions.

Equifax is conducting a complete review of their security operations to make sure this will never happen again.

Thank you for your continued partnership with R-G Federal Credit Union.

Important Information Regarding New EMV Credit Cards

On Monday, 8/24/15, we converted to a new credit card processing system. In the process, everyone with an RG Visa Credit Card should have received a new EMV chip card in the mail. At 5:45AM Central Time the system to activate these cards came online. We see that several members are still trying to use their old cards. The old cards all became inactive at 5:45AM on 8/24/15. If you haven't already done so, please take the time to activate your new credit card by calling the number on the sticker. Once your new card is activated please destroy your old card. If you had automatic payments set up using your old card, you will need to log in to those websites and update your card information. If you did not receive a new chip card in the mail, please call 816-783-5900 or 844-223-1748.

If you used the credit card online access website before, the old site is now unavailable. Next Friday, 9/4/15, a new credit card online site will become active. To access the new site you will simply click on the hyperlink for your credit card account in home banking. This will automatically direct you to credit card online access using single sign on. If you do not currently use home banking, you will first need to enroll to access the credit card site. Click on the login button at the top of our website to get started.

If you were signed up for electronic credit card statements before you will need to re-enroll to continue receiving statements electronically. You will be able to enroll for electronic statements through credit card online access after it becomes active on 9/4/15. If you were unable to retrieve your August credit card statement before the old system went offline, please contact our operations center at 816-783-5900.

Please note - the payment address and your card number have changed. If you use an online bill payment service to make your credit card payment please take time to update your account number and the payment address to ensure your payments arrive promptly.

New Round of Fraud Calls hitting KC area

Many residents in the KC area have recently been contacted by an unknown individual claiming to be from one of several technology companies like Microsoft or Dell. The person on the phone attempts to scare the victim into providing remote access to his or her computer because a virus or security issue has been detected. The person then asks for credit card information from the victim to provide a fix for the issue.

Companies like Microsoft and Dell will never call you to solicit virus cleaning services. They will also never ask for remote access to your PC unless you initiate the support call.

Should you receive one of these calls do not allow access to your computer or provide credit card information. Gather as much information about the caller as possible and contact your local police.

Beware of Suspicious Fraud Calls

There's a new banking scam that's on the rise:

Be suspicious if you receive an automated call with a recording claiming to represent a local credit union or bank, indicating your debit card has been frozen and personal information is needed before the card can be used again. This appears to be a variation on a scam known as "phishing," in which swindlers send e-mail claiming to be from a reputable company, hoping consumers will respond with personal financial information. In the latest twist on this scam, fraudsters have been making these automated calls late at night, perhaps believing that a tired consumer is less vigilant. These new scams have been termed "vishing" because they involve voice calls rather than fraudulent e-mails. In the past there have even been similar calls where the scammer was impersonating someone from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), or even the IRS. The NCUA is the governing body for federal credit unions.

R-G Federal Credit Union does subscribe to fraud monitoring for both credit and debit/ATM cards. From time to time you may receive a call from our fraud monitoring partner. If the monitoring department asks for personal information to verify your identity and you are unsure who the call is coming from, we recommend hanging up and calling the number on the back of your card or the number at the bottom of our website. If you should receive a call you deem suspicious from an individual or entity claiming to represent R-G Federal Credit Union, or if you believe you have already become a victim, please call or e-mail us. R-G Federal Credit Union is committed to helping you protect your personal financial information.

THIRD PARTY SITE DISCLAIMER - By accessing the noted link you will be leaving the R-G FCU website and entering a website hosted by another party. R-G FCU has not approved this as a reliable partner site. Please be advised that you will no longer be subject to, or under the protection of, the privacy and security policies of the R-G FCU website. We encourage you to read and evaluate the privacy and security policies of the site you are entering, which may be different than those of R-G FCU. CLICK OK TO CONTINUE OR CANCEL TO ABORT

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