Rate Schedule

We offer home mortgages along with loans for vehicles, motorcycles, RV's, and boats - New and Used!

Estimated Payments per $1000.00 Borrowed
Product APR Based on Term Estimated per $1000 Borrowed
100% Share/Certificate Secured 3.5% 36 Months $29.35
New Vehicle loan *as low as 3.99% 36 Months $29.57

*APR for loan terms not exceeding 36 months.
Other rates and terms available. Final rate and term will be based on credit worthiness and collateral.
Estimated monthly payments on 36-month loan at __% APR = $__.__ per $1000 borrowed.

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Effective as of: 06/01/2019
While we attempt to keep our website current, please note - branch rates will always prevail.
Vehicle Loans, Boats, Motorcycles, RVs
Loan to Value (LTV) based on NADA Retail Value or MSRP for New Vehicles. Base Rate = 92-102% LTV. Rates listed subject to change based on LTV above or below Base Rate. *Your term and annual percentage rate may vary from the rates below depending on your credit worthiness, vehicle age, LTV, and amount financed. Speak to a loan officer for details on how your rate is determined.
Loan TypeMax Term*APR*
New Autos (2018 and newer)108 MonthsAs Low As 4.19%
Used Autos (2016-2017)84 MonthsAs Low As 4.19%
Used Autos (2013-2015)72 MonthsAs Low As 5.19%
Used Autos (2010-2012)48 MonthsAs Low As 6.19%
Used Autos (2009 and older) 36 MonthsAs Low As 7.19%
Motorcycles108 MonthsAs Low As 4.19%
Boats108 MonthsAs Low As 4.19%
RVs (Campers/Motor Homes/Trailers)180 MonthsAs Low As 4.19%
86 to 108 month minimum loan amount $20,000 | RV terms over 108 months minimum loan amount $40,000 | RV terms over 120 months New collateral only.
Note: Federal Credit Unions max vehicle rate = 18% APR
Vehicles with over 125,000 miles must have a visual inspection
Additional member relationship and LTV discounts may apply down to our established floor rate.