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Overdraft Services

In the event you make a purchase that overdraws your account, or request an ATM withdrawal that exceeds your balance, overdraft services allow us to authorize the transaction to occur, creating a negative balance in your account. Your transaction is then honored and no one ever knows overdraft protection was in play. If you have funds in your savings to cover the Overdraft, the system will move them to your checking automatically. If you don't, the next time you receive a deposit, your deposited funds are first applied toward the negative balance created by the transaction and fees. Keep in mind that daily fees may apply until you deposit adequate funds to bring your balance above zero.

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Overdraft services can be crucial when it counts most — those times when emergencies or unexpected expenses come up right when your balance is lowest.

To use overdraft service, Reg E requires you to give R-G Federal Credit Union permission to authorize your overdraft transaction and charge a fee for the service. This service does not guarantee we will permit you to overdraw your account without limits. However, without your permission, we will decline any transaction that exceeds your balance.

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