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ATM & Debit Card Info

Visa® Debit cards

With a swipe or dip of your R-G Visa Debit card, you have access to your checking account at any Visa merchant without the hassle of cash. Use it just like our R-G FCU Visa credit card at more than 18 million merchants, including gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants, and more. Use your debit card anywhere you would use cash or credit cards and get more convenient access to your money than ever before, without the risk of carrying cash. Your Visa Debit card also doubles as an ATM card that can be used at any R-G FCU ATM or CommunityAmerica Credit Union ATM fee-free, or thousands of other ATMs around the globe.

Need cash but don't have convenient access to an ATM? Your R-G FCU Visa debit card (when used with your PIN number) can often be used for cash back at many point of sale merchants such as grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies. Limits on the amount of cash back are usually set by individual merchants.

ATM Cards

Don't have a checking account but still need ATM access? The R-G FCU ATM card is a convenient option to get cash, transfer funds and make cash or check deposits (deposits only available at R-G owned ATMs)—it’s accepted at thousands of ATMs locally, in the United States, and worldwide. Thanks to our partnership with CommunityAmerica Credit Union, you’ll also enjoy fee-free access at any CommunityAmerica Credit Union ATM in the KC metro area!

on the go

If you’re already on the go, you can easily check your debit card balance with our online banking and Mobiliti app for Apple and Android phones. You can also use our Mobiliti app to map out a fee-free ATM that may be nearby.

If you're using your card outside the US (including foreign websites) - please give us a call at 866.852.6478 to verify exemptions are in place for the specific countries needed.

supported networks

R-G FCU Visa Debit cards and ATM cards can be used anywhere you see one the following networks accepted:

  • AFFN
  • Accel
  • Plus
  • Star
  • Visa (Debit cards only)


Need to activate a card, report a card lost or stolen, change your PIN, or confirm a flagged transaction or dispute a transaction? Just call the number listed on your card, or visit the Contact Us page to find the number you need.

For specific rights and responsibilities concerning the electronic fund transfers (EFT) services offered to you by R-G Federal Credit Union (including the use of ATM and Visa Debit cards), you can access our EFT Agreement and Disclosure by clicking here.

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