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Share Certificates

Are you already on track with your emergency fund and looking for ways to earn more dividends? With Share Certificates, you choose a term you are comfortable with (6 months up to 5 years), and then you get guaranteed returns at the end of that term.

Want to simplify things even more? With our Share Certificates, dividends can be paid right back to the Certificate and automatically renew for another term. We can also pay just the dividends to your Share Account and renew the original amount for another term, or we can deposit all the funds back to your Share Account at the end of the term. The choice is yours.

Over 60? Our Senior Certificates will earn you an even bigger dividend.

To open a Share Certificate, please contact your nearest branch today.

The USA Patriot Act requires a valid Social Security card and driver's license or other government issued picture ID/Passport to open an account.

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