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New Belton Location - Now Open!

We are thrilled to share that starting Monday, June 5th, we will be serving you from our state-of-the-art branch at 400 Towne Center Drive. Get ready to experience a human banking journey designed exclusively for you. Kindly note that our current branch at 128 W. Markey Rd. will be replaced by this new location, and they will not operate simultaneously once the new branch opens.

Step into a Bright, Open, and Welcoming Space!
Our brand-new branch has been thoughtfully designed to create an inviting atmosphere where conversations and connections thrive. As you walk through our doors, you'll be greeted by a modern, light-filled environment that reflects our deep commitment to the Belton community. Capturing our shared history and values, the all-new imagery within the branch will serve as a constant reminder of our passion for serving you. We can't wait for you to join us in this exciting new space!

Skip the Lines, Embrace the Personal Touch!
Innovation meets personalization at our new location, with the introduction of our Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs). These cutting-edge machines are set to revolutionize your banking experience, making it faster, more convenient, and tailored to your needs. Our ITMs function like traditional tellers, but with added benefits. You'll enjoy the freedom to perform a wide range of transactions independently or connect with our dedicated service team through the screen whenever you need assistance. Rest assured, our helpful staff, stationed at our Raymore office, will be just a stone's throw away, ready to provide the support you deserve!

During the initial phase of our branch opening, the ITMs will be available for ATM services only. We share your enthusiasm for the enhanced features our ITMs will bring, but we want to ensure the utmost quality of service for our members. Therefore, while the ITMs will be accessible, full functionality will be introduced at a later date, expected around August/September.

We are actively working with our suppliers to expedite this timeline and have the ITMs fully operational as soon as possible. Rest assured, our dedicated team will be present at the branch throughout this period to guide you through the process and ensure a seamless banking experience.

At R-G, We Combine Personal Service with Technological Convenience.
Our investment in advanced technology is not about replacing people; it's about blending them seamlessly into the banking experience. We believe in offering you the best of both worlds—a personalized touch coupled with the convenience of self-service options. Our friendly staff will always be available for you, whether through our ITMs or in person at any of our branches. We're committed to providing the human touch you deserve.

We will keep you updated on the progress of our ITMs and notify you as soon as they are fully operational. In the meantime, our dedicated team is available at any time to assist you with any banking needs you may have.

Convenience, Community, and Coffee!
Our new Belton branch is conveniently located near major retailers like Target, Menards, and Kohl's, making it easier for you to handle your errands in one stop. We're excited to offer ample parking and easy access for your convenience. Plus, we're proud to introduce our very own coffee bar, allowing you to savor a cup of joe while conducting your transactions and catching up with our team.

Community Room: Your Space, Your Possibilities.
In addition to our ITMs and coffee bar, we're thrilled to introduce our spacious "Community Room." This versatile space will host a variety of financial education events and will eventually be available for private events such as classes, workshops, meetings, and more. Education is a cornerstone of R-G, and this shared space is yet another way we can give back to our Belton neighbors.

All the Greatness You Expect, and More!
Rest assured, our new Belton branch will continue to offer the same exceptional products and services you've come to expect from us. But now, we're bringing you even more exciting features and benefits! We can't wait to welcome you to our new branch and serve you better than ever before. See you there!

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