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Fee Schedule

Member Services Fees and Charges, Checking Service Fees and Charges, ATM/VISA Check Card Services Fees & Charges, ATM Transactions Fees and Charges.

Effective as of: 11/01/2021

Member Service Fees and Charges
Item/Service Fee Charged
Membership fee (non-refundable) $1.00
Excessive Share withdrawals (per occurrence over 3/month) $1.00
Excessive Smart Saver withdrawals (per occurrence over 1 per month) $1.00
Money orders (each) $1.50
Prior Months Statement $3.00
Outgoing wire transfer $15.00
Incoming wire transfer $5.00
Notary Service (for members) Free
Safety Deposit Box (based on size) $12.00 - $35.00
Safety Deposit Box (keys, drilling, etc) COST
Photocopies (each) $0.25
Account Research (per hour) $25.00
Print Out $1.00 (per page)
Garnishment/IRS levy charge (each) $25.00
Fee if acct. closed within 3 months opening $5.00 or balance
Inactive account (no financial transactions for one year) $3.00/month
No Current Address $3.00/month
Filing and recording fees Cost
Title fees Cost
Deposited/cashed items returned unpaid (each, including ACH items) $15.00
Check cashing, if deposit accounts total less than $100.00 $3.00
Paper Statement Fee
Waived for members over 60 or under 18 or with aggregate balances over $5000
Loan Payment by Phone $8.00
Checking/Other Service Fees
Item/Service Fee Charged
Elite Checking (75) service charge (if below minimum balance) $6.00/month
Stealth Checking (76) service charge (if member does not have direct deposit, a loan, or a VISA credit card*) $3.00/month
NSF items (each item paid or returned)** $28.00
Share overdraft protection (each item) $2.00
Loan overdraft protection (each item) $5.00
Account/statement balancing, reconciling, researching, etc. (minimum charge of $25.00) $25.00 (per hour)
Check printing charges (per occurrence) Varies by type and quantity
Check reorders by telephone (per occurrence) $3.00
Outgoing collection item $25.00
Incoming collection item $25.00
Stop payment orders (Any Acct. per occurrence/book incl. ACH) $28.00
Copy of paid check (each item) $1.00
Non-member check cashing fee $5.00 per check
Third Party Official Check Fee $5.00 per check

*Visa credit card must be in good standing and less than 30 days delinquent **Insufficient Funds Item fee may extend to checks, pre-authorized debits, debit card point of sale (POS) transactions, ATM withdrawals or transfers, telephone transfers, in-branch withdrawals, online bill payments and Internet banking transactions. Paid and Unpaid Insufficient Funds Item fees are limited to a total of six (6) per day.

Bill Pay/Online Banking/Mobile App Fees
Item/Service Fee Charged
Online Banking (may be de-activated for non-use) FREE
Bill Pay Service (may be de-activated for non-use) FREE
Overnight Check/Same Day Bill Pay Presented at Time
ATM/Visa Check Card Services
Item/Service Fee Charged
Card Replacement Fee (Damaged or Stolen Cards Exempt) First Free, then $5.00
Card Rush Fee $55.00
ATM Transaction Fees and Charges
Item/Service Non-Owned ATM Fee Owned ATM Fee
Withdrawal $1.00 FREE
Balance Inquiry or Transfer (each) $0.60 FREE
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